2nd – 5th October 2016

P01 - Instrumental Blank Samples Assessed Through Short Run Control Charts
I. Castanheira (INSA, Portugal)

P02 - Sensorial and Functional Attributes of Herbal Infusions Containing Saffron
M. Tsimidou (AUTH, Greece)

P03 - Stability Dependence of Bioactive Apocarotenoids of Krokos Kozanis on the Presence of Natural Phenolic Antioxidants. its Significance in Bioavailability Studies
A. Kyriakoudi (AUTH, Greece)

P04 - Development of Analytical Methodologies to Determine the Elemental Profile of Saffron for Geographical Origin Assessment Studies
A. Kyriakoudi (AUTH, Greece)

P05 - Variability in Nutritional Composition of Shiitake Mushrooms (Lentinula Edodes) Commercially Cultivated in Portugal
I. Castanheira (INSA, Portugal)

P06 - Peppermint Oil Extraction and Menthol Purification from Mentha Piperita Cultivated in Turkey
S. Malkoc (TUBITAK, Turkey)

P07 - Modification in Tocopherol and Fatty Acid Content in Two Different Marchigiana Cattle Cuts of Meat after Frying in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
C. Viola (University of Sannio, Italy)

P08 - A MALDI-TOF Platform for Rapid Detection of Illegal Adulterations in Milk Products
A. Scaloni (ISPA-CNR, Italy)

P09 - Identification of Protein Markers for the Occurrence of Defrosted Material in Milk Through a MALDI-TOF-MS Profiling Approach
A. Scaloni (ISPA-CNR, Italy)

P10 - Identification of Fraud in Trade in Processed Fish Products by DNA Analysis
F. Corrado (IZSM, Italy)

P11 - Occurrence of Acrylamide in Portuguese Bread
I. Castanheira (INSA, Portugal)

P12 - A Selective and Highly Sensitive Analytical Methodology for Determination of Bisphenol-a in Canned Tomatoes
S. Errico (Second University of Naples, Italy)

P13 - Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence as a Tool For Food Screening
F. Bilo (University of Brescia, Italy)

P14 - Multielemental Analysis of Teas, Herbs and their Infusions by means of Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
R. Dalipi (University of Brescia, Italy)

P15 - Ethanol Content Determination in Beers, Wines, and Hard Liquor Drinks Using a Catalytic Fuel Cell. Comparison with other two Conventional Enzymatic Biosensors: Correlation and Statistical Data
M. Tomassetti (University of Rome ”La Sapienza”, Italy)

P16 - Linking Food Composition and Reference Material Databases: a New Challenge
P. Gnagnarella (IEO, Italy)

P17 - Food Contact Articles: Impact Of Uncertainty Contributions In Compliance Testing
V. Mannoni (ISS, Italy)

P18 - Measurements of Formaldehyde Migrated from Food Contact Tableware into Simulants for Acidic Foods: Calculation of Uncertanties of The “Chromotropic Acid” Method
G. Padula (ISS, Italy)

P19 - SAFE&SMART - New enabling technologies for food safety and integrity of agri-food supply chains in a global scenario – ClAN Agrifood

P20 - S.O.FI.A. - Sustainability of Agri-Food Supply Chain - ClAN Agrifood

P21 - PROS.IT - Promoting consumers’ health: nutritional enhancement of agri-food products from the Italian tradition - ClAN Agrifood













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